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Dr Barmans Superbrush available in Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Green in size 6-12yrs (select option at checkout)
Patented triple-headed toothbrush that enables users to simultaneously clean all surfaces of the tooth with a simple backwards and forwards brushing action.
For cleaning around teeth and along the gum-line. The soft outer bristles are angled to gently clean along the gum margin while the inner bristles clean and polish the tooth surface.
  • Angle bristles for optimum cleaning
  • Soft outer filaments massage gum
  • Ideal for patients with limited dexterity
  • Highly recommended orthodontic use
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
Use short gentle 'scrubbing' strokes ensuring thorough coverage of all teeth. Tilting the brush slightly gives optimal plaque removal along the gum line.

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